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We are beer guys at our core. It’s in our DNA. We have a combined 40 plus years of experience and a track record of creating, building and selling some of the industry’s most iconic brands. Brewery/Supplier, Ad Agency, Distributor, Retail, E-commerce, and Owner. There is not a part of the industry we have not worked in. We have come together to share our trade and take your business to the next level.


We know what the big guys know.

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A visionary senior leader with a history of success leading strategic business development initiatives. Ethan has a proven track record of success. At  MolsonCoors he led the legendary growth of the Blue Moon Brewing Company. One of his signature achievements was bringing the Blue Moon orange garnish and ritual to life which helped fuel the brand to the #1 selling spot in Craft beer. This led to a tenure as the Brand Manager of Innovation for Craft Brands and Imports at MolsonCoors. Most recently, Ethan spent six years at New Belgium as Director of Innovation and Specialty Brands where he re-imagined New Belgium’s portfolio strategy and approach. 

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A creative with deep experience on the agency and brewery sides, Dan is an alcohol beverage industry expert. He is also co-owner of a renowned craft beer bar in Kansas City. He has worked on various international, national and small breweries and brands. From design to retail and E-commerce and social, Blue Moon’s "Artfully Crafted" campaign is his most iconic brand work and Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water is his most recent product innovation success story. Dan specializes in branding and innovation but his category experience sets him apart. His retail, shopper and chain knowledge can help you design work that works harder at shelf. 

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Rom van der Zee, E-commerce Strategist: A pioneer in online since .com became a thing, Rom has an extensive expertise in working within a digital startup environment as well as founding and running direct-to-consumer online eCommerce websites. He has been a proven track record of success in the online environment. Rom also runs an e-commerce business that focuses on uber high-end baby bedding and décor. In this business he services a global consumer marketplace and has scaled the brand to be launched in the largest bricks and mortar retailer in Canada and the largest Canadian owned online retailer. 

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Kerry Hoiberg, Digital Shelf Asset Expert: With an enviable blend of experience in IT and hospitality, Hoiberg oversaw and streamlined asset management for Hewlett-Packard for several years before returning to her true love, the food and beverage industry where she managed several restaurants in the Midwest. Taking her passion for both tech and hospitality a step further, Hoiberg entered the gig economy in 2013 where her thriving Airbnb business and status as a ‘Super Host’ and resource for enterprising minds was featured on Dateline NBC with Lester Holt. Outside of actively promoting her love for the finer things with guests, Hoiberg uses adept teaching skills acquired in Japan and Omaha Public Schools to work with disadvantaged and at-risk student communities across the city.  

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